The Junk Ship

Bringing fun junk to funky people.

Here at The Junk Ship we carry a wide variety of exotic goods to & from mysterious lands, & present them to you, the people. Our junk is made using responsibly sourced wood, (cause we're cool like that) Recycled Comic Books, Playing Cards, Wrapping Paper & much more. (What?! How droll!) 

So check out what we have or don't, but if you do I personally guarantee that you will definitely... maybe, receive 3 wishes. 

p.s. We also take Custom Orders, Special Requests & Bribes! (wait what?) Ha! don't worry about it!  So if there's a specific comic book or character you were hoping to find & it's not here, email us & we'll hook you up.


p.s.s. if you or anyone you know have any damaged, destroyed or unwanted comic books that you were looking to donate, email us & we would love to take them off your hands. As a reward for your righteous generosity we will bestow upon you a FREE item of your choosing!!!! Cool right :D

Contact Us... if you dare

Best way to reach us: 


Last resort:

Phone: 773-354-6020